Yorkshire Dragonfly List

The Yorkshire Dragonfly List with BOLD indicating My Yorkshire seen List [18]

  1. Beautiful Demoiselle [Restricted Range]
  2. Banded Demoiselle [Widespread]
  3. Emerald Damselfly [Widespread]
  4. Scare Emerald Damselfly [Ex-resident]
  5. Large Red Damselfly [Widespread]
  6. Red-eyed Damselfly [Restricted Range]
  7. Small Red-eyed Damselfly [Restricted Range]
  8. Blue-tailed Damselfly [Widespread]
  9. Azure Damselfly [Widespread]
  10. Variable Damselfly [Restricted Range]
  11. Common Blue Damselfly [Widespread]
  12. Small Red Damselfly [Vagrant]
  13. Common Hawker [Widespread]
  14. Migrant Hawker [Widespread]
  15. Southern Hawker [Widespread]
  16. Brown Hawker [Widespread]
  17. Norfolk Hawker [Vagrant]
  18. Emperor Dragonfly [Widespread]
  19. Lesser Emperor Dragonfly [Migrant]
  20. Vagrant Emperor [Vagrant]
  21. Hairy Dragonfly [Restricted Range]
  22. Golden-ringed Dragonlfy [Restricted Range]
  23. Downy Emerald [Vagrant]
  24. Four spotted Chaser [Widespread]
  25. Scarce Chaser [Ex-resident]
  26. Broad bodied Chaser [Widespread]
  27. Black tailed Skimmer [Widespread]
  28. Keeled Skimmer [Restricted Range]
  29. Common Darter [Widespread]
  30. Red veined Darter [Migrant]
  31. Yellow winged Darter [Migrant]
  32. Ruddy Darter [Widespread]
  33. Black Darter [Widespread]
  34. Vagrant Darter [Vagrant]
  35. White faced Darter [Ex-resident]

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