Yep a New page this one will be dedicated to the Moths trapped within my new wildlife equipment purchased due to a genourous gift

The Equipment

15W Actinic Portable Skinner Tap purchased from ALS [Anglian lepidopterist Supplies] for £155 which inc bulb and sensor etc [web page]

Carry Bag from ALS for £25

Spare 15W Actinic Bulb fron NHBS for £15.49 [web site]

Lucas Rechargeable 12V 18aH Battery from NHBS for £43 [web site]

Numax 12V 2A Sealed Lead-Acid Battery Charger from NHBS £42 [web site]

Concise Guide to the Moths of Great Britian and Ireland Waring/Townsend Illustrated by Richard lewington [ISBN 978-0-9531399-6-5] from Speedyhen [Amazon] new for £8:59 [web site]

Prices do not inc. postage & packing

Usefull Links

Calderdale Moths

Dorset Nature

Garden Moth Scheme

UK Moths

Back Garden Moths

Yorkshire Moths

Northamptonshire Moth Group

Norfolk Moths

Rutland and Leicestershire Moths at UK Nature

Some Moth Picture [More can be seen HERE]

Canary shouldered Thorn

Canary shouldered Thorn

Brindled Green

Brindled Green

Seteaceous Hebrew Character

Setaceous Hebrew Character

Angle Shades

Angle Shades Moth

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