Butterfly List 2015

BOLD denotes new species

  1. Adonis Blue [August at Aston Rowant]
  2. Brimstone  [April at Work]
  3. Brown Argus  [August at Barnack Hill and Holes]
  4. Chalkhill Blue [August at Barnack Hill and Holes]
  5. Comma   [April at Work]
  6. Common Blue [June at Bullcliffe]
  7. Dark Green Fritillary [July Fen Bog]
  8. Dingy Skipper   [May at Chambers Farm Wood]
  9. Essex Skipper  [August at Aston Rowant]
  10. Gatekeeper  [July at Work]
  11. Green veined White  [May at Work]
  12. Large Skipper  [June at Work]
  13. Marsh Fritillary   [May at Chambers Farm Wood]
  14. Marbled White [June at Tywell Hills and Dales]
  15. Meadow Brown [June at Work]
  16. Northern Brown Argus [August Arnside Knott]
  17. Orange tip [April at Work]
  18. Painted Lady  [August at Laundimer House]
  19. Peacock   [April at Work]
  20. Purple Emperor  [July at Fermyn Wood]
  21. Red Admiral [June at Salcey Forest]
  22. Ringlet [June at Salcey Forest]
  23. Scotch Argus  [August Arnside Knott]
  24. Silver spotted Skipper  [August at Aston Rowant]
  25. Silver Washed Fritillary  [July at Fermyn Wood]
  26. Small Heath [June at Thurstonland Bank]
  27. Small Skipper [June at Tywell Hills and Dales]
  28. Small Tortoiseshell   [April at Work]
  29. Small White [June at Salcey Forest]
  30. Speckled Wood [April at Old Moor RSPB]
  31. White Admiral  [July at Fermyn Wood]
  32. White Letter Hairstreak [July at Fermyn Wood]
  33. Wood White [June at Salcey Forest]

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