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Local Stuff and Old Moor

Started the day at Broadstones Reservoir finding plenty of Linnets and Goldfinch with the odd Willow Warbler and Whitethroat before moving on to Ingbirchworth Reservoir finidng a good group of gulls blooging along the shoreline these included Black Headed Gulls mainly with Lesser Black Backed Gulls mixed in and alone Herring Gull which was a 3rd summer bird, I tried getting a photo of it, I was  nicely lined up then off it went due to a very noisy 75 year pensioner making his presence known telling the whole world of the injustice he had had at the hands of the bin men, time to move on to Old Moor.

Blue Tailed damselfly

The Butterfly, Dragonfly theme thats been running a couple of week carried on with Blue Tailed Damselfly above and Common Blue Damselfly below

Common Blue Damselfly

I didn’t find many Butterfly species this week only Gatekeeper and Green Viened White. The birds about were Common and Green Sandpipers, Little Egret, Grey Heron, Gadwall and Sand Martins of any note, I had once again missed the Male Marsh Harrier and Greenshank

Carry On


Carrying the theme on from last week we start the post with the odd butterfly because there are plenty to see at the moment and these two species are common in my garden at the momemt Tortoiseshell (above) and Gatekeeper (below)


Burnet Moth

Theres also day flying moths about at the moment like this 6 Spotted Burnet Moth (above) and this beautiful Southern Hawker dragonfly (below)

Southern Hawker

 That was about it it’s just great at the moment a wonderful time of  year wildlife everywhere you don’t need to wonder off to a reserve take a  look in your back garden, Oh! lets not forget the birds at Old Moor Common Tern, Common Sandpipers, Green Sandpipers, Little Egrets, Hobby, Kestrel, Mute Swan, Coots, Moorhens, Black Headed Gulls, Mediterranean Gulls, Sedge Warblers, Reed warblers, Sand Mariin, Swifts, Swallows, Stock Dove, Woodpigeon loads of young birds about as well mainly at the feeders Blue Tit, Great Tit, Bullfinch, Chaffinch, Robin and Goldfinch has that lot wet your appetite ?  it should have, so get yourselves before you miss  out, male Pied Wagtail to finish off
Pied Wagtail

Insects for a Change

Broad Bodied Chaser

A couple of weeks away from birding due mainly to work load but I have been getting out and about during dinner times to find various Butterflies, Moths and Dragonflies etc I have had a couple of firsts in the form of Small Skipper and  Broad Bodied Chaser (above) with the support of Large Whites, Ringlets, Gatekeepers, Comma, Tortoiseshell, Speckled Woods its been differnt but always exciting to find wildlife

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Local Reservoirs and Blacktoft Sands

Early start at Broadstones reservoir early being 7am to view Canada Goose and Mallard on the reservoir plenty of Linnet and  Goldfinch on the approach path to the resrevoir with a few Warblers about mostly Whitethroat with Chiffchaff, Willow Warbler and Blackcap. This is were the good ended and the bad started now if I said “Dog not undercontrol” you will know what I mean but with tripod out and legs splained I kept it at bay till the irresponsible dog owner showed up and when challenged couldn’t give a hoot, see thread now on Huddersfield Birdwatchers Site.

Anyway moving on to Ingbirchworth Reservoir to still find a few Swallows, Swifts and House Martins and one juvenile Little Ringed Plover still hanging on from last weeks six.

Local stuff over and on to Blacktoft Sands to find a few Waders going thru Little Ringed Plovers seem to be for me at the moment the bird of the month and a couple could be found at Blacktoft along with Spotted Redshank (4) mostly in summer plumage, Black Tailed Godwit in good numbers, Ruff, Redshank, Bearded Tit flitting around the base of the reeds, Barn Owl in its nest box being just visible, a few Marsh Harrier, Sedge Warblers, and a juvenile Yellow Wagtail were all note worthy.

The Days List Click Here

A Lazy Day

I thought on a lazy day today just chilling around a few of the Patch Reservoirs with camera in hand and find what was out there the first call being Ingbirchworth. It wasn’t long before getting out of the car that I could hear all the ususal species for this time of year Willow Wadarbler, Chiffchaff, Blackcap, Blue Tit, Great Tit, Robin, Yellowhammer, Lapwing and Curlew then I found some Little Ringed Plover six in all four Juveniles with two Adults in attendance, with one here giving off some wing flicking behaviour for some reason or other I don’t know what

Moved on then thru Whiteley Common bagging a couple of extras like Pied wagtail and Skylark finally ending up with Tree Pipit for the year/patch list at a known Pipit site rounding the patch list off to a nice 100 for the year. It was now dinner time and a stop at the Lansett cafe was in order for bacon butties and coffeee before moving on to Langsett reservoir adding a few common species to the day list like Goldfinch, Greenfinch, Mistle Thrush and the Great Spotted Woodpecker is always nice to see. Final stop was Winscar Res but Collard Dove was the Dove I saw and not Turtle this time Cuckoo in flight had me hoping it was aHobby at first but alas a few Oystercatchers to round the day off