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Frampton Marsh

A 2 1/2 hour journey from home to Frampton Marsh so I was going to be there all day, I wasn’t disappointed, a fantastic place with lots and lots of birds to see and also quality (Frampton Marsh Map).

Parked up at the visitor centre car park, made the toilet visit and checked on what was where, with information the plan was to walk down towards Marsh Farm Reservoir and circuit back round and back up to the centre for dinner then over to the reedbed side and finish down at the saltmarsh for raptors.

So off I went chalking up Goldfinch, Greenfinch and House Sparrows on the centre feeders, Ruff, Black tailed Godwit, Moorhen and Wigeon near the car park field. Down on to the now muddy path along the hedgerow and not finding much really the odd Blue and Great Tit, out onto the road again, where roads and paths met, at this junction I found Song Thrush, Blackbirds, Redwing, heard Fieldfares, and Chaffinch

I finally made it to Marsh Farm reservoir where I could see a good assortment of duck, but the sun made it difficult to see what was on the water, had to re position, then I found Goldeneye, Gadwall, Teal, mallard, Tufted Duck and after sorting thru the Tufties I picked up my first target of the day a Male Scaup, taking a nap at the time but I could clearly see the grey back. I decided then on walking back and down towards the farm barn, I think it was, and viewed the fields, from here I could see a single Little Egret along one of the ditches, a single Fieldfare, lots of Ringed Plover and Dunlin, Lapwings and Golden Plovers in thousands, the odd Curlew, and fly by Black tailed Godwits.

So down along the far bank heading now to the saltmarsh watching Whooper Swans in the nearby field and Skylark doing a short song flight as I made my way along the banking, I took a quick break time when I reached the marsh and here I watched Little Egrets, Curlew and Redshanks

Setting off again I was soon attracted to loud nosiness of the birds taking flight , a quick look around and I soon found the reason why they had taken flight, a female Peregrine hunting, she took a swoop down into the flock of teal now settling back on to the water but was out of luck, she settled down on to the marsh and waited, 5 minutes she was up again came back round and got the ducks back up she looked for height and then wings back took another swoop missed again, up and back round but this time come so close to my stand point I could her eyes without binoculars, she dissapeared flying out over the saltmarsh…..smiles worth coming over 100 miles just for that.

It was dinner, so back to the car , whilst having dinner I watched Black tailed Godwits and Ruff in the nearby field. Dinner over I did another loop this one taking in the reedbeds and again back down to the saltmarsh. Reed Buntings, Greenfinch, Goldfinch, Linnet and a yellowhammer was a lovely surprise, Little Egrets and again plenty of Teal, Wigeon, Lapwing and Golden Plover, down near the saltmarsh Greylag Geese, Brent Geese and Cormorants and more waders Ringed Plover, Dunlin, Redshank and a lovely Spotted Redshank. 

So now I had arrived back at the saltmarsh I settled in again on one of the seats and waited and at about 3:45pm in from the NE a single female Marsh Harrier, at about 4pm a Merlin came in and settled on one of the fence posts and remained for quite a while, about 4:15pm and again in from the NE, the star of the day a male Hen Harrier, drifting slowly over the marsh has he made his way down to the SW and was lost to sight, 10 mins later he was back again and went to ground. I hung on for another 15 mins hoping for an Owl to finish the day, but I suppose the Harrier was the END

A fantastic day and  if you’ve never been to Frampton  put it on your list to day to do so

List of the day :- Blackbird, Black headed Gull, Black tailed Godwit, Blue Tit, Brent Goose, Canada Goose, Crow, Chaffinch, Coot, Cormorant, Curlew, Dunlin, Dunnock, Fieldfare, Gadwall, Golden Plover, Goldeneye, Goldfinch, Great Tit, Greenfinch, Hen Harrier, Herring Gull, House Sparrow, Kestrel, Lapwing, Linnet, Little Egret, Little Grebe, Magpie, Mallard, Marsh Harrier, Merlin, Moorhen, Mute Swan, Peregrine, Pheasant, Pochard, Redshank,Redwing, Reed Bunting, Ringed Plover, Robin, Ruff, Scaup, Shelduck, Shoveler, Skylark, Song Thrush, Spotted Redshank, Starling, Teal, Tufted Duck, Whooper Swan, Wigeon, Woodpigen, Yellowhammer

Overlooking the Saltmarsh

Frampton marsh

Rosy start to a New Year

Out to Easington (near Spurn) to the start the New Year and to try to locate a new bird species for me, a Rose coloured Starling, this one had been lingering for a number of weeks now, so I decided it was time to go a finding.

Arrived at Easington at about 9:30 to hear that the starling hadn’t been seen so far, then I heard a bird call that I was more familiar with in the Gambia and on looking up I caught the sight and sound of a Ring necked Parakeet flying thru, a nice surprise haven’t seen one in this country out of the London area. I strolled the streets looking for the Starling to no avail, chatted with someone who was also drawing a blank, they wondered off to try to find the waxwing that had been reported, I persevered for the Starling and focused on a group of Blackbirds feeding in a nearby garden and then there it was, perching in the nearby tree . The Rose coloured Starling, the bird was being active flying down into the garden, out of sight, and back up into the tree again, I spent a while with the Starling managing even to get a couple of pics.

Rose coloured Starling

Rose coloured Starling

Moved on the to find the Waxwing which turned out to be a lot easier to find, I spent a few moments with this bird taking a few snaps before moving on down to Kilnsea Wetlands



Turned up at Kilnsea to the news of a Green winged Teal which had moved on to the sea and was now distant, I didn’t bother and stopped off at the first hide to find, Male and Female Goldeneye, Teal, Lapwing, Brent Geese, Curlew, Little Egret, Redshank, and Shoveler. On then to the estuary around the Crown and Anchor for a quick scan here I found Black tailed Godwit, Dunlin, Knot, Redshank, Golden Plover,  and Sanderling.

The plan now was to go on to Blacktoft sands for the Harrier roost and a hopped for Hen Harrier, I stopped off first at along the way near Pasture Farm were in a nearby field were a group of Swans holding 7 Whooper and 2 Bewick. After viewing the birds then on to Blacktoft were I was greeted by a Robin as I parked up, on the reserve things were quiet but that broke when a flock of Greylag Geese went over as I walked up to Marshland Hide for the start, here was a single Redshank and Pied Wagtail, then I found a small raptor stood on a fence post, Merlin, that was an unexpected bonus. I picked up a Green Sandpiper, Mute Swan, Shelduck, Goldfinch as I made my way down to the Singleton hide ready for the Harriers, from here I saw about 9 Marsh Harrier from the a couple of these were Male birds but no Hen 😦




Spurn List : Blackbird, Black headed Gull, Black tailed Godwit, Blue Tit, Brent Goose, Buzzard, Crow, Chaffinch, Collard dove, Curlew, Dunlin, Dunnock, Golden Plover, Goldeneye, Great Black backed Gull, Great Tit, Herring Gull, House sparrow, Knot, Lapwing, Little egret, Little Grebe, Magpie, Redshank, Ring necked Parakeet, Robin, Rose coloured Starling, Sanderling, Shelduck, Shoveler, Starling, Teal, Waxwing, Woodpigeon,

Blacktoft Sands : Bewick Swan, Blackbird, Crow, Goldfinch, Green Sandpiper, Greylag Goose, Little Egret, Magpie, Marsh Harrier, Merlin, Moorhen, Mute Swan, Pheasant, Pied Wagtail, Redshank, Robin, Shelduck, Shoveler, Tree Sparrow, Whooper Swan, Woodpigeon