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Staying Local

So the lockdown continues and movement is still down to staying in the local area, so it was that the local pond came in to its own again.

Still very muddy underfoot as I made may down thru the field picking up on plenty of Woodpigeon, Jackdaws, a few Blackbirds (Male and Female), House Sparrows, Black headed Gulls, and Common Gulls.

Around at the ponds life was a bit quite with very little movement, life here will be picking up in a couple of months when insect life begins again and warmer days. All was not lost as a Grey Heron flew in but didn’t stay long and was soon off agin high over the wood.

A dog barking prompted me to look around and to see a handful of Roe Deer rushing across the path and into the quarry area and eventually out the other side, coming out more gracefully than going in.

I wondered into another area of the ponds and flushed up a Jack Snipe but it was never relocated classic flight as I flushed it up straight up, quick and straight back down again

Birds Seen :- Blackbird, Black headed Gull, Blue Tit, Bullfinch, Crow, Grey Heron, House Sparrow, Jack Snipe, Jackdaw, Magpie, Pheasant, Robin, Woodpigeon

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Roe Deer

Staying Local

Another local trip out, again very muddy and slippy underfoot. My first bird encounter was with the Common Gulls, Black headed Gulls and Blackbirds in the horse field which they and other bird species take a shine to. Moving off I had planned a different route this time going along the side and top of the quarry encountering hardly any bird life as I did so only the occasional Crow, Magpie and lots of Woodpigeon as they flew over.

More towards the wooded area I caught Bullfinch, Mistle Thrush and Jay the later giving themselves away by the harsh calls. It wasn’t till I got back near my start point that I picked up on more bird life mainly in the hedges House Sparrows, Blue Tit, Great Tit, Bullfinch, Robin and a Male Pheasant.

Bird List :- Blackbird, Black headed Gull, Blue Tit, Crow, Common Gull, Great Tit, House Sparrow, Jackdaw, Jay, Magpie, Mistle Thrush, Pheasant, Robin, Woodpigeon

Short Video of the Walk can be seen HERE

Staying Local

Out and about on another nature walk, staying within parameters of course, very local.

Planned route was down across the fields, skirting the cemetery and pond area up onto the hill down thru the wood which brings me back to the start.

Setting off the going was difficult with ice about and more into the route very muddy and slippy in areas, good to be out though the snow made it very picturesque, the birds were harder to find at the start with mainly Blackbirds, Magpies and Crows. Out by the ponds were Bullfinch which was a nice to find along with Blue Tit, Great Tit, Dunnock, Robin and a calling Green Woodpecker which was calling all around the walk and never giving itself up, Kestrel flew thru close by and I scared up a Pheasant.

It was quiet on the second half of the walk with no birds seen or heard in the wood, things brightened up near the end of the walk with one field, where the horses are kept showing a few bird species, a group of about fifteen Lapwings along with twenty Fieldfares mixed in with these were a few Starling, a pair of Pied Wagtails, Woodpigeons, Black headed Gulls a couple of Common Gulls, and a flock of smaller birds of which I managed to pick out a couple of Greenfinch.

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Bird List : Blackbird, Black headed Gull, Blue Tit, Bullfinch, Crow, Common Gull, Dunnock, Fieldfare, Great Tit, Green Woodpecker, Greenfinch, House Sparrow, Jackdaw, Kestrel, Lapwing, Long tailed Tit, Magpie, Pheasant, Pied wagtail, Robin, Starling, Woodpigeon (22)

Staying Local

Well here were go again another lockdown with this one coming with tighter travel restrictions, so “stay local” if your using the car your going too far.

Bearing that in mind I had a local walk seeing lots of common species taking in the ponds area, very muddy underfoot wellies would have been a good idea, I wasn’t expecting any insect life at this time of year. The birds seen Common Buzzard was around, Blue Tit, Great Tit, Magpie, Crow, Black headed Gulls, Common Gull, plenty of Woodpigeon, Blackbirds, House Sparrows, Robin, Starlings, the highlight today thou were a pair of Coal Tit….nice to see

Enjoy the nature and keep safe 😷

A Snowy Day

The weather was good and there was a local Great Northern Diver available at Pugneys Country Park. Took me about 25mins to arrive on site and it was already busy with walkers, runners, dog walkers, children and a few birders. Pugneys is a large open area with two lakes, the largest for recreational purposes with the smaller being the nature reserve, the diver was on the larger which was about 50% frozen. Keeping at a safe distance I hooked up with another birder to locate the diver which was surprisingly proving difficult to find.
Scanning through the various ducks, Mallard, Pochard, Wigeon, Tufted Duck, Goldeneye, Great Crested and Little Grebes the diver was still eluding us, Cormorant in the distance gave us a short rush. It eventually gave it self up to the right side of the lake and seeing the size difference, being much larger than the wildfowl makes you wonder how it wad overlooked.  A lifer for the other birder so a good start to the day, onwards then to Potteric Carr.

Wasn’t long at Potteric due to heavy snow so had to cancel after about 30mins so few species were seen, most of the water was frozen too, I was hoping for more woodland species from the visit so only managed to pick up on Goldfinch, Chaffinch, Redwing, Blue Tit, Blackbird, Great Tit, Moorhen, Robin and Sparrowhawk