A wildlife enthusiast for over 50 years, enjoying all aspects of wildlife leaning mainly towards the birds but also taking in Butterflies and Dragonflies. I  get my pleasure from just being out and about and being grateful for those days I do get in such a busy life. I have traveled to a few places in England and abroad in pursuit of birds with The Gambia being the place I love to birdwatch the most.

I have tried all kinds of photography equipment Digiscoping, Videoscoping  Compact Cameras, Bridge Cameras within my birding life. What I am settled on at the moment is a Panasonic FZ1000 a good all round camera from distance to macro. I also use a Sony A6000 with various lenses mainly the E55-210mm F4.5, with a Raynox DCR250 on occasions. I have recently bought a Sigma 70mm Macro with a EF (Canon Fit) to E mount adaptor (June 2016) hopefully to get the up close up Macro shots which I think the FZ1000 falls down on.

As of December 2018 the Sony A6500 joins the stable

As well as this blogsite you can see some of the results at My Flickr and my You Tube Channel. Thanks for visiting


I started writing my wildlife sightings on a Blog site from 2005 and the first site can be seen at surfbirds on Brookies Diary where you can find my wildlife travels from 2005 to 2009 with of course my early efforts at digiscoping etc etc.




3 responses to “About

  1. Hi there
    Just wanted to thank you for your comment on the dragonfly on the Old Moor community. I have only joined recently, but I’m finding it a struggle to use! I’m going to add you to my contexts on Flickr – I think we have common interests, although I am a newbie to birds and dragonflies – more of a fungus person historically. I’ve just retired so I’m finding a lot more time for wildlife, which is great. Noticed your black darter. I think I might have seen one of those recently near Wharnecliffe Heath, but it was too quick for me. All the best Chris / Penny

  2. hares on the hill

    Great site. Thank’s for sharing.

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