Daily Archives: January 28, 2011

Old Moor

A morning out at Old Moor once again in freezing temps [roll on summer] we only hit the feeders due to the temps, the hide were colder than being in the open air, anyway the birds were good near the centre feeders we saw Blue Tit, Great Tit, Willow Tit, Long Tailed Tit, Bullfinch, Dunnock, Tree Sparrow, Chaffinch, Reed Bunting, Greenfinch, Blackbird and Brambling only a brief shot but see it we did nice male so plenty to keep us interested and get cold in. So off we moved to the Tree Sparrow farm to feast our eyes on Yellowhammers, Reed Buntings, Blackbirds and a Male and Female Brambling [Video Link] better views this time so we were able to compare sexes. We then moved off it was too cold to stand still we to the Family hide were it was even colder in the hide then outside but the birds we plenty Wigeons, Tufted Duck, Teal, Goosander, Black Headed Gulls, Common Gulls, Mute Swan, Shoveler, the cold was getting to us time to find some Gannets at the cafe for a warm up. Enjoy some pics of the Bramblings

Male Brambling


Male Bramblng


Female Brambling