A Couple of Reservoirs

The first was Blackmoorfoot near Crossland Moor the day was misty the water was still and the birds were few, so what could be seen, Mallards, Goosanders (4), Black Headed Gulls, Common Gull (2), Goldeneye 1 pair, Tufted Duck 1 pair, that was on the water in the surrounding fields Pheasant, Fieldfare, Song Thrush, Robin, along with Crows. Well not much to speak of so I decided on a walk around Deer Hill more of a moorland reservoir so I was hoping for a few year ticks. On the approach road near the farm buildings Woodpigeon and Collard Dove in the fields further on plenty of displaying Lapwings and flocks of Starlings, a few Curlews came over head and landed in the fields, good to see these back on their breeding grounds, also of note a few Skylarks singing away and Red Grouse on the moor. On the reservoir a sole Canada Goose, Mallards, a few Black Headed Gulls came in with a couple of Common Gulls and one lone  Grey Heron on the far side and that was about my day

Male Tufted Duck

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