Thurstonland Bank

I decided to check out a new site this week namely Thurstonland Bank, it’s within My Patch area at SE159101, mainly for Butterflies but my ears are always listening for birds and there was a few bird species around mainly Whitethroat, Willow Warbler and Chiffchaff and at one point a fly over Buzzard. The Butterflies there in abundance were Common Blue, Ringlet and Small Heath (I think Small Heath should be renamed Tiny Heath) along with a couple of Speckled Woods. I spent a couple of hours here mainly taking photos on what promises to be a good butterfly site, a Dark Green Fritillary was seen a couple of weeks back, there was also a few day flying moths Brown Silver Line was the only one I got a name on.

Small Heath

Common Blue Butterfly

It was on then to the old Bulcliffe Colliery site in the vain hope of some Dragonflies but with the day turning more cloudy and the wind picking up it was a slim chance and it was there was none seen whilst I was there. However wildlife is always about and the place was awash with 5 Spot Burnet Moths they were everywhere you had to be careful where you were walking, the place was that alive with them. Large White, Large Skipper and Ringlet  butterflies were also on site along with Latticed Heath and Yellow Shell Moths and a few Bee Orchids still hanging on, there was also a couple of bird species about namely Yellowhammer and Goldfinch

5 Spot Burnet Moth

Bee Orchid

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