Local Ponds

A quick visit back down to the local area ponds in the vain hope of finding a few more Dragons. My walk started with viewing a few Butterflies namely Ringlets and Meadow Browns with a few Whites thrown in along with a couple of Speckled Woods more or less the same as last week. On arrival at the ponds it seemed it was going to be a wasted trip again but just sitting and waiting can bring great rewards and so it did, Damselflies started to appear Large Red and Azures and a Blue Tailed Damselfly flitting amongst the pond vegetation, then a Dragonfly came into view but was lost again it soon came around as it made its way along its patrol path I soon made it out to be a Emperor Dragonfly which in passing made another Dragonfly come in to view, a Four Spotted Chaser you can’t bet the feeling of finding something new yourself on a local patch, brilliant I sat and watched for a few moments and took a few photos as a record. A bit more looking turned up another Emperor so two on site, a great ending to a couple of hours watching, check out those local sites.

Local Quarry Ponds


Four Spotted Chaser

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