Langsett Reservoir

I thought I would start the new month with a Patch Trip out to Langsett Res to do a bit of camera work and on my travels over I wish I hadn’t, drizzle and fog on the tops. I carried on but the plan had now changed from camera to birds and on arrival in the Langsett Barns Car Park things seemed to be picking up a bit.

On the reservoir was a lone Cormorant and a feeding Common Sandpiper on the dam wall. I headed to the woods to find my quarry for the day, I heard Willow Warblers, Chiffchaff and Blackcaps but not the birds I was looking for. I camped out near some nest boxes and saw Great Tits and Blue Tits coming and going, after a while I gave up, I was getting cold by now, and headed back along the path I had come down, a flock of birds caught my attention high in the tress, great a family party of Siskins male,female and young birds. It was whilst I was watching these that I caught sight of another bird out of the corner of my eye, there it was a beautiful Male Pied Flycatcher, now I  could go home for a warm (no pics)

List in no order :-

Blackcap, Willow warbler, Mistle Thrush, Robin, Blackbird, Jackdaw, Cormorant, Swift, Swallow, Great Tit, Blue Tit, Common Sandpiper, Pied Flycatcher, Siskin, Chaffinch, Dunnock, Meadow Pipit, Bullfinch, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Jay, Goldfinch

One response to “Langsett Reservoir

  1. Today we heard a very melodious birdsong at above the reservoir in open but unable to identify as had no view – several grouse flew by
    asked other walkers who could not identify song – from a low wall with heather nearby

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