Bullcliffe Colliery NR

A bit of a change due to a couple of hours spare so it was somwhere more local and the camera with macro lens came along too. On our walk thru to the dragonfly pond we picked up several sightings of Small Heath and Dingy Skipper Butterflies on the wing, a Small Yellow Underwing Moth and beetle species especially soldier beetles I did manage a photo session with a Cantharis rustica. Moved on then to the pond where we saw Four Spotted Chasers (3), Red Damselflies, and Azure Damselflies. We also managed to find a Clouded Border Moth

Soldier Beetle [Cantharis rustica]
Soldier Beetle 24/52

Clouded Border Moth

Clouded Border Moth

Four Spotted Chaser

Four Spotted Chaser

One response to “Bullcliffe Colliery NR

  1. Liking the picture of the soldier Beatle.

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