Two barred

I was having an afternoon out with a friend to Tropical World at Roundhay Park in the afternoon so I decided firstly on a visit out to Broomhead Reservoir over Sheffield way whilst I had a couple of hours spare, As I set off the weather wasn’t with and wasnt all morning, I arrived at Broomhead in the area where the birds had been seen still raining at about 10am, I had an hour, couple of other birders were there so i was hopeful.

I walked the road, chatted with the other birders nothing seen so far so I carried on along the road, ten minutes later I got a shout that the birds had been seen, near where I had parked the car, I ran back (too out of shape for that) to a small group looking up, after getting my breath back I was able to hold my binoculars steady enough to see three fine male birds and a couple of females, the views of the Two Barred Crossbills lasted for about ten minutes before the birds took flight and were lost again for another day. Other birds seen were Jay and Blue Tit (try this area sk261956 [N53.457274…W-1.607723])

Images of Two Barred Crossbills can be seen here

I was wet, had now somewhere else to be, so I was off happy again with another new bird under the belt, my only one of this year….and no sign of the donkey 🙂

Happy New Year to everyone keep visiting in 2014

One response to “Two barred

  1. Excellent! Glad you got to see them. They are quite near where we live. saw them when they first arrived, but sadly not such good views! Happy New Year to you!

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