Daily Archives: May 30, 2014

Moth Night

New moon and cloudy warm night I decided on giving the moth trap a night out wit the hope a catching a few new species. Before bed I had a quick look and saw the trap was attracting a lot of Light brown apple Moths so a good start.

Early morning rise and straight out to the trap and I could see I was in for a few surprises with a couple of nicely col0ured moths in the trap. This is what I had

  1. Brimstone Moth (1) [which wasn’t hanging around for a photo and was soon in the next doors garden]
  2. Bright-line Brown-eye (1)  [A new species]
  3. Cabbage Moth (1)  [New Species]
  4. Clouded bordered Brindle (1) [New Species]
  5. Common Carpet Moth (1)
  6. Garden Carpet (1)
  7. Marbled Minor aggregate (1) [Aggregate due to this species being difficult to split from other minors, can only be certain with a dissection]
  8. Scalloped Hazel (3) [New Species]
  9. Small Magpie (1) [New Species}
  10. White Ermine (1) [New Species]

Not a  lot on numbers but some very nice moths….here’s a few pictures (and more of the catch can be seen at my Flickr HERE)

Scalloped Hazel

Scalloped Hazel Moth

White Ermine

White Ermine Moth


Small magpie Moth

Common Marbled carpet

Common Marbled Carpet Moth