More Moths

I must admit I’ve got behind due to life getting in the way and me having too much to do at this time of year, so this entry will be a two night moth night with last week’s towards the end. The weather forecast for the weekend of the 15th wasn’t looking good only plausible night would be Friday into Saturday; I was going to be up early anyway due to the Rutland Water Birdfair so an extra hour would be okay. The before bed check didn’t hold any surprises this week with only Light Brown Apple Moths and Large Yellow Underwings taking to the light so far, unlike last week’s Orange Swift (0015). The early morning check at 6am (getting later now as we roll in to the Autum/Winter months) however did bring another new species for the garden, this time a micro moth called Udea lutealis (1388), and a worn one it was too. After the count we headed off the Birdfair where we met our hosts for this year’s holidays (watch this space) and also saw my first Deaths Head Hawkmoth (captive reared) on the Butterfly Conservation stand along with some caught moths from the previous night, Black Arches, Jersey Tiger and an old favourite Canary shouldered Thorn which I caught last year back in Dorset, here’s my list from the 15th

  1. Common Marbled Carpet – 1764 (1)
  2. Common Rustic agg (3)
  3. Dark Arches – 2321 (1)
  4. Large Yellow Underwing – 2107 (11)
  5. Lesser Yellow Underwing – 2112 (1)
  6. Light Brown Apple Moth – 998 (3)
  7. Middle barred Minor – 2340 (1)
  8. Pug Sp (3)
  9. Udea lutealis – 1388 (1)
  10. Willow Beauty – 1937 (1)

And the list from the 8th with Orange Swift being new to the garden

  1. Cabbage Moth – 2154 (1)
  2. Clay – 2193 (1)
  3. Common Rustic agg (3)
  4. Dark Arches – 2321 (1)
  5. Large Yellow Underwing – 2107 (6)
  6. Lesser Broad bordered Yellow Underwing – 2111 (1)
  7. Marbled Beauty – 2293 (1)
  8. Orange Swift – 0015 (1)

Udea lutealis

Udea lutealis

Orange Swift

Orange Swift

Death’s Head Hawkmoth

The Deaths Head Hawkmoth

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