Thurstonland Bank

Nice sunny day with a few hours to spare so I dashed up to Thurstonland to see if there was any butterflies about.  The sun was still with me, but the wind was still blowing strong, it took about 10 mins but I got a quick glimpse of a Small Heath as it went by.  I ventured further along the trail but found nothing so decided on working my way back to the area I first saw the Small Heath.  I eventually caught sight of one,  a Small Heath, on the opposite banking to previous sighting,  then I started seeing a few,  add a Mother Shipton Moth (briefly), and a Speckled Wood and that was about it

Birds on the bank included Chiffchaff, Willow Warbler, Blackcap and a Garden Warbler

Mother Shipton Moth

Mother Shipton Moth

Small Heath

Small Heath Butterfly

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