Silver Studded Blue

Prees Heath was the destination for this weeks target Butterfly, a place I’ve never been and is supposed to be a hot spot for the target species. I arrived at about 11:30am after doing a couple of jobs at home the weather looked good on the travels but began to look dodgy on approach, I needn’t have worried.

I hit the reserve after having some refreshments to the sound of Yellowhammers and a Great spotted Woodpecker flying overhead. I got talking to a fella who gave me the locality of lots and lots of Common Blue Butterflies and that he had actually found one Silver Studded. I found the place he was talking about to find lots and lots of Silver Studded Blues and not one Common Blue. Other butterflies here were a few Small Heath, a Small Tortoiseshell, and a Yellow Shell Moth

I spent the time 3 hours in total with the Silver Studded Blue taking photos

So if you want to see Silver Studded Blue Butterflies Prees Heath in Shorpshire  is a place to go

Silver Studded BlueSilver Studded Blue Male

Silver Studded Blue Female

Silver Studded Blue Female

Silver Studded Blue Male

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