Lulworth Cove

Family business saw me down on the Dorset coastline around the Lulworth area, stopping in Weymouth, so I had to have  a play day in the Lulworth Cove area for the butterfly of the same name.

The weather was in our favour a hot sunny day but lots of people decided on visiting the area also but i need not have worried its a big place. We headed down into the cove and up on to the right hand hillside where we saw plenty of Marbled White, Meadow Brown and Ringlet Butterflies, but it took a while before the Lulworth Skipper showed up, but when it did good views were had. This Skipper is only found along this coastline from Weymouth to Swanage and for about a couple of miles inland, so if you want to see one down here is the only place, try also the Portland Quarrys and Durlston CP. A little bit smaller than the Small Skipper, the female has distinctive wing markings unlike the Male which can be more difficult to separate if seen without the female

Lulworth Skipper, Female with the distinctive wing marking

Lulworth Skipper at Lulworth Cove

One response to “Lulworth Cove

  1. Good get! We had the chance of a quick look there recently – not long enough, obviously!

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