Lockdown 6

Lockdown continues but the relaxing of certain restrictions seeks to have gone to some peoples heads, second peak! I think so.

Back to the isolation site and back to nature always great for well being, butterflies again proving difficult with less than a handful of species to boot, Dingy Skipper, Small Heath, Small White and a single Large Skipper a first for the year.

Other highlights were Mother Shipton Moth and Hairy Shieldbugs.

Large Skipper

2 responses to “Lockdown 6

  1. Smothered in Meadow Browns right now (in Dorset)! Moths are good now too. Good Covid pastime!

    • Thanks for the comment, Dorset on of my favourite parts of the country. Meadow Brown not appeared near me yet but Cinnabar seems to be enjoying a good year this year….enjoy Dorset

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