Bullcliffe NR

Dingy Skipper Butterfly took some finding but they eventually came out, after about an hour of me being on site, Small Heath Butterfly were very much in evidence along with Green veined White. Mother Shipton Moth along with Common Carpet Moths were in good numbers and the Thick thighed Flower Beetles seem to be having a good year. As the day went on more butterflies were evident and it took a while before the Brimstones’ were out, no Common Blues as of yet but a fly by Holly Blue was nice.

Lots of Cranefly on the wing mianly Tipula vernalis but a Spotted Cranefly was a nice find and my first Hairy Shieldbug of the year which did take some finding.

Birds of note were Willow Warbler, Garden Warbler, Chiffchaff and Blackcap

Video Vlog can be seen here PRESS

Thick thighed Flower Beetle
Mother Shipton Moth

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