Warton Crag

I found myself over in Cumbria (Kendall) on a business trip so on the way back home I decided on a quick visit at Warton Cragg in the vain hope of some Butterflies. Arriving at 2pm and parking at the Old Brewery car park I made my way up the steep incline out of the car park and onto the top of Warton Crag.

There didn’t appear to be much activity under the cool cloudy conditions today, thankfully it was dry. Proceeding along the crag I eventually kicked up a Grayling Butterfly, this being the only butterfly I saw along the crag.

Making my way back down I bumped into another guy so pointed out to him the Grayling and then moved onto a grassy area were they were Meadow Brown, Ringlet, a Red Admiral which ended up in a nearby tree. Wasn’t long before the guy caught me back up, as I was taking photos of a nicely placed Meadow Brown, I mentioned what I’d seen of which he went off looking for the Red Admiral. It wasn’t long before he shouted me over has he’d found a pair of Northern Brown Argus, what a bonus. After that I decided it was time for home, the weather wasn’t looking any better.

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Meadow Brown
Northern Brown Argus

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