Pond Visit

A quick dash to the ponds to find out what was flying resulted in me finding Large White and Meadow Brown butterflies along with a Eristalis nemorum Hoverfly and a few Helophilus pendulus Hoverflies.

The main reason for my visit was for Dragonflies, a single Blue tailed Damselfly and a few Emerald Damselflies were the first ones I came across. Brown Hawker were still about but the main one I was looking for I found on one of the smaller ponds a Southern Hawker a definite sighting this time, after I thought I’d seen one last year it was very much welcome, plus I did manage to get a few photos to boot. Other highlights were a few Common Darters alas no Ruddy Darter, no matter how much I tried to turn Common into Ruddy, and a surprise lone Cinnabar Moth Caterpillar

Southern Hawker

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