A Ponds Visit

A place I haven’t frequented a lot this year mainly due I think to the habit lose and the lack of large Dragonflies., however I decided on another look. I picked up on a few Butterflies Gatekeeper, Meadow Brown and Ringlets, no matter how hard I looked nothing else could be found.

Dragonflies, I was grazed by a single Emperor, I was hoping for at least Four Spotted Chasers and maybe a Broad Bodied Chaser thrown it, but sadly bit wasn’t to be.

Damselflies were a bit better with four species found a single Emerald being the first of the year, that along with Azure, Blue-tailed, and Common Blue were the only species found.

Other highlights today were Six Spot Burnet Moth, Shaded Broad Bar Moth, Cheilosia illustrata Hoverfly, and Chrysotoxum festivum Hoverfly,

Chrysotoxum festivum Hoverfly

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