Cromwell Bottom

On arrival at the site I decided on a different approach to my usual route, taking the canal path first and entering the Nature Reserve further down. On the canal were mainly Mallard and Mute Swan, on entering the reserve I took a left turning towards the viewing platform and from here I saw a Grey Heron and a few Teal, overlooking the water ski lake I found mainly Black headed gulls with a few Common and Herrings Gulls, along with two male Goldeneye.

Decided then on walking down the path near the lagoon reedbed and onto the bottom footpath that runs along side the river and back towards the bridge over the river. Along this footbath I managed to find a couple of Lesser Redpoll and a couple of Goldcrest, with a small number of Log tailed Tit.

Back on the footbridge I scanned in the hope of Dipper and Kingfisher to no avail, but a guy did tell me where the Kingfisher was hanging out and had been for a couple of week, I headed straight over, but got distracted for ten minutes watching a good size flock of Lesser Redpoll and Siskins, after a couple of minutes, I heard a commotion behind, turning around I saw the back end of a Sparrowhawk chasing the Redpoll and Siskins thru the tress, on then to the Kingfisher.

No Kingfisher about when I arrived, there was already a small watching party. I eventually picked up the Kingfisher after about ten minutes and got interested parties on to it, a wonderful twenty minutes soon went by before it flew off, ending my day on a high note.

Small Video can be seen on You Tube by pressing HERE

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