Night Heron

Ossett today along the river Calder, attraction was a pair of Night Herons. Last time I saw these in the Huddersfield area was back in 2008 at Scout Dike reservoir, which I know believe was of dubious origin, so it would be good to get this firmly on the Huddersfield area list.

It was raining, there were few birds about, Mallards and Goosanders on the river, mermors from passing birders was that the one of the Night Herons had flown up river and the other was hiding somewhere in the bushes.

I didn’t find it on my first pad of the area, I was now the only one there, but I could see other birders arriving, I told them the news, and I was now wet.

I decided on another look-up river and to my relief someone had located the bird, happy days, twenty minutes of viewing the bird, a bit of video, before this one decided on flying up river too.

Other bird of note, my first Reed Bunting of the year, along with Willow Warbler and Blackcap

Video of Night Heron can be seen HERE

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