Out on’t Moors

Winscar and Winscar Res were the first port of call nowt much about loads of hungry Mallards and Canada Geese in and amongst 6-off Oystercatcher



So with nothing much else to see Langsett was the next port of call home of Crossbill, Siskin and Redpoll

On arrival at Langsett Barns Car Park I was greeted by Robin and Blackbirds I was soon togged up and ready for the off and an adventure in the woods for this kind of place you have to rely on ears and how well you know your bird calls rather than eyes, and a strong neck. I soon picked up Blue, Great and Coal Tits along with Siskin in and amongst the trees and then flight calls of Lesser Redpoll as they passed overhead, nowt much on’t moors thou apart from a hunting Kestrel and a few Red Grouse calling. I was soon back at the car park now after my loop around the Lansett footpaths coming along the road side fields seeing displaying Lapwing and Woodpigeon now already thinking of the breeding season and setting up territories, spring migrants have already made England mainly in our southern counties so won’t be long before we start seeing and hearing them back in the Huddersfield area. As I made the car park Song Thrush jumped on the wall my heart was hoping for that first Wheatear but alas not this week and as I was greeted by a Robin I was seen on my way by a Robin


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