Bits and Pieces

Well I think spring has finally arrived the three mile walk to work this week has been more relaxing and pleasant I’m glad the weather of January/February is hopefully out of the way the birds are now proclaiming loudly there new territories. Birds everywhere Blue Tits, Chaffinch, Dunnock, Robin, Blackbird, Mistle and Song Thrush proclaiming from a high tree top, Green Woodpecker “yaffling” loudly as I walk passed, Great Tits, Magpies, Coal Tits, Collard Doves in display flights along with Woodpigeons nearby, Dipper ‘bobbing’ away on the stream near a busy road, Grey Wagtail doing a similiar dance as the waters gently flow and glisten in the spring time sunlight, Great Spotted Woodpecker busy defending his terrority, I was however gently reminded that winter is still not letting go 15-off Redwing in the fields now in beautiful colours and stirkingly marked they were there along with a Mistle Thrush busy probing the grass , fueling up for the long flight to there breeding grounds in North and Eastern Europe, then they were off and hopefully winter with them come October they’ll be back gently reminding us that winter is on its way back, but lets gets some summer birding in first short sleeves and suncream bring it on, how long now to the first summer migrant I usually have one in the bag before March is out, so which will be first this year Wheatear, Chiffchaff or Sand Martin place your bets


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