Sands Lane

I started the day at 9am at my local village cricket field looking thru the gulls present hoping to find the one elusive one but not today only Black Headed Gulls (37) and Common Gulls (24) and a single Pied Wagtail over with a Sparrowhawk going thru and then it was on again to Sands Lane. The weather had improved over the last hour and it was now sunshine and very little wind.

 First glance over the pools I could see the usual geese were about these being Canada and Greylags (2). Mallards still numerous with the lone female Tufted Duck still present., the family party of Mute Swans this week were back on the small pool.

Numerous Gulls still present but I could see a single Cormorant (Video Link) amongst them holding out its wings in the drying off position and then having a good preen, Gulls present this week were Common and numerous Black Headed Gulls with them this week were a few Lapwings. More Cormorants later on in the day with four birds flying over and a male and female Goosander (Video Link) taking up residence whilst I was there.

I had a quick look by the weir but only added Grey Wagtail and Kingfisher to the day list.

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