Sands Lane

The excitment this week was a sighting of a Common Buzzard over my place of work  [see Patch Highlghts 2011 Link ] being plagued by a Crow has it flew thru. The end  of the week saw me at Sands Lane [Location]  looking down my scope once again at the adult Ring Billed Gull [Video Link], just to get familiar, the real reason however for a Sands Lane visit was to try and find a Mediterranean Gull but once again it wasn’t my day just as back home earlier the  other  gulls present were Black Headed and Common, with a single Lesser Black Backed. Whilst visiting I decided on a good wander round picking up other species has I went wildfowl were in good numbers especially Goosander [Video Linkwith a double figure count, a pair of  Pochard, three pair of  Tufted Duck, Blue Tit, Great Tit, Blackbird, Mute Swan, Canada Geese, Cormorant [Video Link]  and Dunnock [Video Link] no surprises for me today but a bit of  Digi/Videoscoping was welcome even if it was in terrible light.




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