Horbury Wyke

The week started well with a Dipper on the brook at my work patch I haven’t seen one of these here for over six years now and since I scared it up no photos were taken, thats number two of the five seen but no Photo/Video to go along with any yet. Tuesday was good with a Tawny Owl heard calling first and then a flight shot as it flew overhead.

Early start Friday around my local village to catch Common and Black Headed Gulls on the playing fields I was hoping for that out of place Med Gull here as I have done for a few years now I’ll keep looking on then to Horbury Wyke for a couple of hours it turned out that there wasn’t much here today either but I did catch up with Goldcrest at close quarters I did manage a picture but you don’t need to see it, honest. Anyway the walk continued seeing Cormorant, Black Headed Gull, Canada Goose, Pied Wagtails numerous feeding on the filter pans, Moorhen, Mallards, Starling, Redwing, Chaffinch, and the only year bird of the day 27 Lapwings over. I then had a job to do which turned out worthwhile with 50+ Waxwings in the car park, a great ending to a dull day weather wise and bird wise

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