Garden Stuff

Well after a week of nights I have missed alot this week if you can call a 12 hour shift form 4:30pm to 5:00am nights’ I call it where’s my life gone shift, I finally woke from my slumber over the weekend to catch up with young birds in my garden and a couple of firsts. Firstly a family party of Greenfinch [2 Adults 2 Young] visited over the weekend and I finally caught up with these colurful birds, my wife had seen them over the last few weeks, this time I had my camera to hand

Male Greenfinch

Another first this weekend was in the form of a butterfly which caught my eye from the room window so out I ran with again camera in hand to catch my first Speckled Wood


The rest of the weekend was catch up time with what was happening in the garden with young House Sparrows and young Starling begging for food from there parents even when the food was at there feet, the Blue Tit was kept busy to and fro from the nest box we can know hear the young in the box won’t be long now before we are watching young Blue Tits in the garden, know where did I put that camera or is it time for bed again [click the pics to enlarge]

Blue Tit

Young Starling food begging

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