Thunderbridge Meadows

End of the week with a couple of hours to spare I thought I would venture out to a local Butterfly site in the vain hope of seeing something due to the poor week at work, cows are back in the field, I needed a cheer up.

There didn’t appear much at first but when you came across some sunny glades there was one or two butterflies about with the local Buzzards over head and the noisy Nuthatch calling from within the tress and not to be out done a Great Spotted Woodpecker joined in and then a Kingfisher on the stream made its presence known with the high-pitched call.

Back to the butterflies there were Speckled Woods, Comma, Green veined Whites and a Small Tortoiseshell today nothing unusual was seen I was hoping for maybe a Painted Lady to round the year off but no. I also visited  the local ponds finding a single Speckled Wood along with a Migrant Hawker a Green woodpecker “yaffling” and a few Swallows hawking the fields

Small Tortoiseshell

Small Tortoiseshell



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