Going Batty

Another Batty week again at Old Moor RSPB on Tuesday the 6th, kick off was at 7:30pm, the rain had stopped but the winds were still blowing a gale I didn’t hold out much hope of seeing much tonight but a Noctule put in a brief appearance which I didn’t pick up on and a couple of Soprano Pipistrelle graced us with their presence, but these were found well out of the wind around the back of the Visitor Centre.

Friday the 9th again down at Thunderbridge Meadows in the vain hope of catching a couple of late Butterflies I arrived late morning and the temperature was around the 19° mark there was a stonking fresh Red Admiral about along with a few Speckled Woods and that was about it, birds included Buzzard, Nuthatch and Great Spotted Woodpecker.

Saturday the 10th turned out to be better weather wise it was a warm still night so with the experience we had gained from the Old Moor bat walks we decided on finding or own locally. Find we did brilliant night with fantastic views and numerous Noctule bats about with Soprano and Common  Pipistrelles too with Sopranos being the numerous a few Owls were out too with Little and Tawny Owls present

Speckled Wood

Speckled Wood

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