Moth Night

With me finding very little time to get out and about at the moment due to family and work it was Yes another moth night again in the back garden tonight’s forecast was light cloud at 12° with a 8mph North East wind with a waning moon at 99%. Light Brown apples were once again active before bed but nothing else was showing.

5:30am I was back and looking at my first trapped Hawkmoth the Small Elephant (what a beauty), having a quick look thru the trap there wasn’t a lot but the Hawkmoth had made up for that.

So what else was in the trap, I could see Small Magpie (1) which, a couple of Pugs, looking like the same species, a Garden Carpet (1), a couple of Light Brown Apple Moths (2), Barred Fruit-tree Tortix (1) [new species], Riband Wave  (1) [new species], Middle barred Minor (1) [new species], and a Garden Grass Veneer or Chrysoteuchia culmella  (a micro moth) [new species] and Scorpion Fly Sp

Small Elephant Hawkmoth

Small Elephant Hawkmoth

Middle barred Minor

Middle barred Minor

Riband Wave

Riband Wave

Barred Fruit-tree Tortix

Barred Fruit tree Tortix-6140462


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