Moth Night

Time for moths again, I started tonight down at the place I work in  the nearby wooded area but had to abandoned it due to excessive amount of midges present plus I had only caught 3 moths (see this LINK) so I relocated back to the back garden. Whilst I was setting up I had already caught sight of 2 moths (Large Yellow Underwing and Light Arches) on the nearby Buddleia.

I was reward with the relocation the morning after with 13 species for the night with 3 new ones

Bold are new for the trap, Bold and Italic lifers

  1. Bright line Brown eye (1)
  2. Dark Arches (2)
  3. Garden Carpet (2)
  4. Garden Grass Veneer (2)
  5. Light Arches (1)
  6. Marbled Beauty (2)
  7. Pale Mottled Willow (1)
  8. Riband Wave (3)
  9. Scalloped Oak (5)
  10. Silver ground Carpet (2)
  11. The Flame (1)
  12. The Uncertain (1)
  13. Yellow Shell (1)

Pictures of the new moths

The Flame

The Flame - 2098

Light Arches

Light Arches - 2322

Pale Mottled Willow

Pale Mottled Willow - 2389

and a favourite Scalloped Oak

Scalloped Oak head shot - 1921


2 responses to “Moth Night

  1. Something about that lovely Scalloped Oak suddenly made me think of (long-forgotten?) Marty Feldman… RH

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