Moth Night

Well here we go again another chance at some more mothing, tonight’s forecast was a clear sky to begin with maybe a light rain shower between 1am and 3am, half moon with a min temp of 11° and a 3mph wind from a NE direction.

Trap was up and running at 9pm with a few micro moths taking an interest mainly Light Brown Apple Moths, bed for me at 10pm but I was up again at 5:30am. I could see on my approach to the trap that the forecast was right when I noticed the rain drops on the perpex sheets and damp egg boxes, it seemed quiet on first inspection in the trap but it soon turned out to be my best night’s trapping so far at home with at least 15 species trapped and a few unknown’s mainly micros, one being a possible Eudonia or a Scoparia species, inspection of genitalia would sort it but we don’t do that, highlight of the catch has to be my first Plain Golden Y Moth…heres the list BOLD being a new species for me

Thanks to everyone who helped with some of the Moth ID’s especially BC_Yorkshire  🙂


  1. Common Footman (2) new for trap
  2. Dark Arches (1) new for trap
  3. Dusky Brocade (2)
  4. Garden Grass Veener (2)
  5. Gothic (1)
  6. Large Yellow Underwing (2)
  7. Light Brown Apple Moth (3)
  8. Marbled Beauty (1)
  9. Marbled Minor agg (1)
  10. Plain Golden Y (1)
  11. Purple Clay (1)
  12. Riband wave (1)
  13. Scalloped Oak (1)
  14. Silver Ground Carpet (1)
  15. Uncertain (1)

Plain Golden Y

Plain Golden Y (2443)

Common Footman

Common Footman (2050)

Scalloped Oak

Scalloped Oak (1921)


Gothic (2136)

Marbled Beauty

Marbled Beauty (2293)

2 responses to “Moth Night

  1. Enjoying this series. Only started getting into moths last year after we planted hyssop and we saw beautiful moths on it that we’ve never seen before. RH

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