Moth Night

Another moth night the trap was up and running again after an unexpected breakdown for a couple of week, what had happened I don’t know. The trap was stripped cleaned, fuse checked and was ok, put back together battery charged and was found to be okay!!!! So we had a new moon min temp was 9°c it was cloudy with a 4mph Northerly wind and a things were going right for a chance I was expecting a good number of moths…..two

  • (2107) Large Yellow Underwing (1) new for the year
  • (2170) Varied Coronet (1) New Species and a grade 3 moth for VC63 [info can be found here at Yorkshire Moths Site (PRESS)

So the numbers were rubbish but the Varied Coronet more than made up for it

Varied Coronet

Varied Coronet

Varied Coronet

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