Fen Bog Area

Here I was again but this time I was holidaying in nearby Whitby and with the family returning mid-week due to hospital appointments I found myself with a couple of days to spare, so I spent the time in the Fen Bog area. The weather was better than the last time I visit and the wildlife over the few days was better with some new species and some targets missed, which will be saved till next year.

There were good numbers of Narrow bordered 5 Spot Burnet Moths about this time, Swallows and House Martins, Black headed and Herring Gulls, a Kestrel, I also happened to disturb a Nightjar, which was soon up and back down again into cover. There were plenty of Ringlet Butterflies along with Meadow Brown Butterfly, Small and Large Skipper Butterfly, Common Blue Butterfly and lots of Small Heath Butterflies, and a new species for me Dark green Fritillary Butterfly, which was really hard to pin down I really given up trying to get a decent photo of one when I stumbled across one going back to the car, but no under-wing shots, well you can’t have everything.

On the dragonfly front I only managed to catch sight of Common Darter and Golden Ringed Dragonfly, but the best surprise for me was seeing my first Green Tiger Beetle, now these little beauties are really quick on their legs and it was hard to find one that was still enough for a decent photo, I really enjoyed watching these. Another find was the large fly called a Tachina grossa (see on my flickr photostream…a real beauty)

Things I missed which will mean a return trip next year were Keeled Skimmer and Small Pearl Bordered Fritillary

Golden Ringed Dragonfly

Golden Ringed Dragonfly

Green Tiger Beetle

Green Tiger Beetle

Dark Green Fritillary

Dark Green Fritillary Butterfly

2 responses to “Fen Bog Area

  1. Some great sightings and lovely photos – you did well to get such a fine shot of the Fritillary. I failed miserably when we saw some at Anston Stones. I haven’t been to this reserve – looks well worth a visit!

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