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Rutland Water

Adventure weekend the the journey back home was to be with a stop off at Rutland water at the Lyndon Reserve for Osprey, todays weather was cloudy with wind, litle hope of more insect life today then. Down at the first hide the Ospreys could be seen, female at the nest with the male osprey close at hand. Other birds from here were Little Egret (5) Common Tern, and a surprise sight was a Little Tern . Sand Martin, Swallow and Swift were overhead.
Walking on top the other hide I found Chimney Sweeper Moths and Peacock Catapillars

A great weekend in the Northants area with plenty of species seen many more I haven’t logged here but a great weekend of adventure all round…and thanks to the many people I met

The Day List:-

Common Whitethroat, Wren, Common Tern, Great Crested Grebe, Tufted Duck, Black headed Gull, Greylag Goose, Cormorant, Mute Swan, Swift, Moorhen, Goldfinch, Little Egret, Pied Wagtail, Starling, Chiffchaff, Blue Tit, Long tailed Tit, Willow Warbler, Chaffinch, Lapwing, Reed Bunting, Osprey, Common Buzzard, Little Tern, Sand Martin, Blackcap, Swallow, Shoveler, Coot

View from on of the Hides

Tywell Hills and Dales

Weekend of adventure Day 2 and the plan for today was the Tywell Hills and Dales Nature Reserve  near Kettering about 25 mins from where I was staying at Woodnewton at the Bridge Cottage b&b (see b&b  tab for more info).

On arriving I could immediately see the area was abound with Marbled White Butterflies they were just everywhere you looked, walking into the whitestone pay off the reserve there was even more to be seen.  Along with the whites there could be seen Common Blue, Large Skippers, Ringlet and Meadow Brown,  a Four Spotted Chaser was also seen all but briefly.
I decided on a walk around the perimeter too see what else was on show,  I found a few Small Heaths, Speckled Woods and a few Burnet Companion Moths,  Speckled Wood were found in the more shadier places and a Red Admiral on the path. Back at the start a guy I’d met early was still in the same spot I’d left him in, we got chatting and enjoyed Marbled White’s together for a couple of hours more than the guy wanted to but the whites were putting on a good show,  he eventually left leaving me to enjoy by myself.  Birds on site were Willow Warbler, Blackcap, Chiffchaff that i noted  but as the butterflies were so enjoyable I didn’t take birds in add much.

I too finally tore myself away and ended up at the Purple Emperor site at Fermyn Woods were there wasn’t a lot of action Speckled Wood,  Comma, and  Marsh Tit were about it, so I decided on ending the day in Fermyn Country Park were I saw a few Four Spotted Chaser were zipping around the pool,  up on the top I found more Marbled White,  Large Skippers,  a couple of Small Skippers,  Ringlet and Meadow Brown,  and what I believe to be a Small Argent and Sable Moth.

The day list
Red Kite, Hobby, Blackcap,  Willow Warbler,  Chiffchaff,  Marsh Tit,  Marbled White Butterfly,  Large Skipper Butterfly,   Small Skipper Butterfly,  Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly,  Common Blue Butterfly,  Small Heath Butterfly,  Red Admiral Butterfly,  Ringlet Butterfly,   Meadow Brown Butterfly,  Small White Butterfly,  Argent and Sable Moth, Burnet Companion Moth, Four Spotted Chaser Dragonfly,  Blue Tailed Damselfly

Marbled White Butterfly

Marbled White Butterfly

Marbled White Butterfly

Salcey Forest

Weekend of adventure and day 1 was to be at Salcey Forest just off the M1 at junction 15. I parked up using the car park near the Forest Cafe and after doing so Asked here for a map, which they didn’t have,  so I took a picture of the map on the wall and headed off into the forest in a north’ish direction. It wasn’t long before I spotted the quarry of my visit Wood White Butterfly, they were distant at first but I needn’t have worried about seeing any for as I got v further into the forest they were everywhere the most numerous of the day,  along with Speckled Wood. Other butterflies of the forest today were Large Skipper, Red Admiral, Common Blue, Ringlet and Meadow Brown.

The birds were more heard than seen now due to the good covering of foliage so it was down to the ears today and not the eyes, so mostly heard were Chiffchaff, Willow Warbler, Blackcap, Common Whitethroat with the odd Blue Tit, Goldcrest and Garden Warbler thrown in, also heard was a Great Spotted and Green Woodpecker.Common Buzzard was seen drifting over the forest.

The day was getting hotter and by now I had gotten lost it was then that I stumbled upon a small pond just off the main footpath and hard to see. I stopped off for a looksie and found a number of Four Spotted Chasers which were hassling a beautiful male Broad bodied Chaser, getting photos of either species was proving difficult always resting in places just out of sight. Along with the dragonflies of course were Damselflies mostly Azure, and Blue tailed but a nice bonus was a male Banded Demoiselle.

At this point I needed to find a way out of the forest, all I can say is I love my smart phone, when it finally got a signal. Well it walked me out seeing very little else of note apart from 2 hawker species which went unidentified, the cafe at the end provided a welcome cup of tea and a slice of fruit cake.

Adventure weekend day 1 over here’s the day list :-

Common Buzzard, Common Whitethroat, Willow Warbler, Chiffchaff, Blackcap, Garden Warbler, Jackdaw, Blue Tit, Goldcrest, Wood White Butterfly, Speckled Wood Butterfly, Red Admiral Butterfly, Ringlet Butterfly, Meadow Brown, Butterfly, Large Skipper Butterfly, Common Blue Butterfly, Broad Bodied Chaser Dragonfly, Four Spotted Chaser Dragonfly, Azure Damselfly, Banded Demoiseille


Wood White Butterfly

Wood White Butterfly

Spotted Longhorn Beetle

Spotted Longhorn

Broad Bodied Chaser Dragonfly

Broad Bodied Chaser Dragonly

Bulcliffe Nature Reserve

Is been a great week this week with all the fine weather so after work I decided on an hour at the Old Bulcliffe colliery site to see what was on the wing,  very little.
There was however a good number of Small Heath butterfly out along with a smaller number of Common Blue and a couple of Dingy Skipper but no Damselfly or Dragonflies to be seen.
Birds seen were Chiffchaff,  Sparrowhawk,  Kestrel,  Goldfinch,  Willow Warbler and Blackcap

Common Blue Butterfly

Common Blue Butterfly

Dingy Skipper

Dingy Skipper Butterfly

Thurstonland Bank

Nice sunny day with a few hours to spare so I dashed up to Thurstonland to see if there was any butterflies about.  The sun was still with me, but the wind was still blowing strong, it took about 10 mins but I got a quick glimpse of a Small Heath as it went by.  I ventured further along the trail but found nothing so decided on working my way back to the area I first saw the Small Heath.  I eventually caught sight of one,  a Small Heath, on the opposite banking to previous sighting,  then I started seeing a few,  add a Mother Shipton Moth (briefly), and a Speckled Wood and that was about it

Birds on the bank included Chiffchaff, Willow Warbler, Blackcap and a Garden Warbler

Mother Shipton Moth

Mother Shipton Moth

Small Heath

Small Heath Butterfly