Bullcliffe NR

Another reserve I haven’t been to in a while mainly due to the same reason as my local ponds, the area has become neglected and is therefore becoming overgrown, with brambles and saplings.

After a good walk around I ended up with four species of butterfly, one very pristine Painted Lady along with Gatekeepers, Meadow Browns, Green veined and Small Whites, no Common Blues here either.

I faired better with the hoverflies and walked away with Chrysotoxum bicinctum, Episyrphus balteatus, Eristalis arbustorum, Eristalis pertinax, Melangyna umbellatarum, Myathropa florea and Syrphus ribesii

Click on the photo to enlarge

Chrysotoxum bicinctum
Melangyna umbellatarum
Episyrphus balteatus
Myathropa florea

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