Another sunny day and another visit down to the ponds for hopefully some Dragonfly action. On arrival there was a Common Buzzard overhead, and I was also buzzed by a couple of Male Southern Hawker Dragonflies. I got to the pond I wanted to be at and watched for ten minutes to see where the dragonfly action was, the other side., I slowly made my way around but something caught my eye in the reeds, Common Darter, I started taking a few photos and on closer inspection I realised it was a male Ruddy Darter, having not found one in the Huddersfield area before, I was a bit happy to have found it. Other dragons about were a few Brown Hawkers with females egg laying within the pond and I also found a single Common Darter. Damselflies about were Emerald and Blue tailed Damselflies.

Did observe a few butterflies, a few Gatekeepers, a Holly Blue, Red Admiral, Meadow Brown and Green veined White.

Click Images to make larger

Male Ruddy Darter
Female Southern Hawker

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