Bullcliffe and the Ponds

My first port of call today was out to Bullcliffe Colliery again to find some more hoverfly species. I was disappointed this time with only a few species seen, these being Eristalix pertinax and Syrphus ribesii, however my best find here was a ternal Hairy Shieldbug, never found one before so a nice experince and a Ichneumon Wasp . That was Bullcliffe so I decided on calling at the local ponds for some more Dragonfly action.

My first target was a male Emerald Damselfly, along with still a few Blue tailed Damselflies. The bigger dragonflies were flying around one of the ponds Brown Hawker the only one that was settling, that and a couple of Southern Hawkers on the same pond. I also re-found the Ruddy Darter from my previous visit, but also pair in the mating hold.

Ternal Hairy Shieldbug

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