Red Kite and Waxwing

Not been out this week due to the white stuff and family but during my Friday morning breakfast, 3rd, whilst I was looking out the back window watching the feeders with the local House Sparrows tucking into there breakfast a Crow flying over caught my eye because it was or seemed to be flying funny when underneath it a bigger bird long wings long tailed made its way across my vision slowly then it dawned on me Red Kite then it made its way off in a North/North easterly direction, I stood there motionless coming to terms with what I had just seen playing it over and over in my head Red Kite in my home village has just flown passed my window I couldn’t believe it , House Tick and Patch Tick brilliant I was was begining to melt the snow with my smile :-).

Saturday,4th, was grandson day 11:30am was pick up time 11:28am we were driving passed the local school when a flock of birds caught my eye the usual dash in and out of the feeding behaviour of  Waxwing. I stopped the car at the waiting point left my wife in care of the car and pick up whilst I made my way back with bins in hand and sure enough my suspicions were correct Waxwing about 12 birds in all high in the trees surronding the local church one did venture down to the berry tree near to me to give me a closer view but not for long it was soon off again and I was off again too the car had found me and with grandson shouting come on granddad I had to leave my find behind me but tomorrow is drop off day so who knows,  this time i will be taking the camera with me. As someone  says on the Huddersfield Birdwatchers site “theres always summat about” keep your eyes open

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