New Year

The start of a New Year and news of Waxwing nearby had me out and about sooner than I thought, but Brighouse is just over the hill and with a couple of hours to spare who wouldn’t be tempted

On site people were about and of course the old saying of “you should have been here 10mins ago, there was about an 100”, the weather wasn’t good, light drizzle, and grey skies, but not the less off I set in pursuit.

Redwing were everywhere, every bird seemed to be a Redwing, Blackbirds and Mistle Thrush were picked out amongst the Redwing, I found 2 tress loaded with berries both guarded by Mistle Thrushs, still no Waxwing

I ventured in to the park adding a flock of 5 Brambling to the day still no waxwing, so I decided on going down to where they were first seen,Lane Head Hotel….Black headed Gulls were overhead, Grey Wagtail flew over, bonus, and Goldfinch were seen in one of the trees but no waxwing

I was about to give up I’d been here 2 hours now, but you get a feeling sometimes that your being watched…I turned around and looked up and there a top of a nearby by tree 7 Waxwing, at last, enjoy. I took my eyes away for a moment for the camera and looked back and of course they were gone.

Ok…I hung around for a little longer heading back to the park area where I had seen the Brambling earlier. I took a quick scan with the binoculars from a safe distance and behold I could see a flock of waxwing feeding where the Brambling had been earlier, I headed towards them crossing the road and heading into the park, it wasn’t to be my day they were scared off by someone walking close by….I didn’t see them again after another 30 mins of looking.

Mistle Thrush ….on Guard Duty

Mistle Thrush on guard duty

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